WCI Regional Management is proud to announce the partnership with Wellington College to deliver K-12 schools in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Wellington College is a leading UK public school with top IB scores and strong reputation for sports. Asia’s affluent middle class driving demand for international schools closer to home.

Wellington College, a leading UK boarding and day school and one of the world’s top International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, with a strong reputation for all-round excellence, including a particular strength in sports, will be setting up schools in three Southeast Asian countries through a regional partnership with Singaporean businessman Peter Lim.

WCI Regional Management, Mr Peter Lim’s company, today announced that it has signed a master license agreement to establish premium quality Wellington College International schools for 3-18 year olds in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The new schools will share the values, ethos, enduring quality and ambition of Wellington College, while combining the very best of British education with regional and pan-Asian education strengths and traditions. Plans are to accommodate up to 2,000 students in each school, offering early years, preparatory and senior school programmes following the English National Curriculum and culminating in the IB Diploma.

These schools will join the Wellington College International family of schools, which include schools in China and Thailand, and a first school in India opening in 2023. Each school is unique in its focus and strengths to meet the requirements of the community that it serves. Each is (or is envisioned to become) the top school in its region, delivering an excellent, pioneering education for students to thrive in life, and an education experience that is distinctly Wellington. The schools in the network also work closely together however, sharing best practice, and supporting strong cultural connections and an international outlook.

Wellington College students from the UK and international schools regularly attain placement at the world’s leading universities including both Oxbridge and Ivy League. Notable alumni include novelist George Orwell, actor Sir Christopher Lee, architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, former cabinet ministers, champion cricketers, rugby players and race car drivers including F1 champion James Hunt.

James Dahl

Master, The Wellington College

It is my great honour as 15th Master of Wellington College to celebrate the announcement of Wellington College International’s partnership with Mr. Peter Lim. A dynamic, pioneering and holistic education is the hallmark of education here at Wellington College in the UK. It is abundantly clear that Mr. Lim shares this educational ambition and vision, and we are exited to open a number of 3-19 WCI schools in the region in years to come.

Scott Bryan

International Director, Wellington College International

We are thrilled to team up with Peter to launch a network of outstanding schools in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The region is growing fast, spurring demand for international schools like Wellington that offer well-rounded academic experiences and unrivalled opportunities.

Li-Lin Wong

Spokesperson, WCIRM

We are delighted to partner Wellington College to offer expatriates and parents in Asia the opportunity to provide the very best of British education to their children at campuses in Southeast Asia.
Wellington college is an ideal choice. We believe the Wellingtonian values of courage, respect, integrity, kindness and responsibility are well suited for Asia. It is vital that we quip our youth with skills that extend beyond the classroom to help them reach their full potential and prepare them for the future.

The Wellington College, UK

Wellington College is one of the UK’s great boarding schools, and is set in over 400 acres of beautiful parkland in Berkshire, west of London. It is a co-educational school for 13-18 years, and is renowned for its pioneering approach and all-round excellence.

Wellington seeks to be a vibrant, inspiring and challenging place which opens the minds and hearts of its pupils. Wellington College is a global leading IB school, and achieves consistently outstanding academic results in both IBDP and A Level, while also truly excelling in the arts, music and sports.

Wellington has a long and rich heritage. The College was opened with a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in 1859, as a living memorial to the first Duke of Wellington. All reigning monarchs since have been the official Wellington College visitor. Queen Elizabeth last visited Wellington for its 150 year celebration in 2009.

In keeping with its pioneering spirit, Wellington began exploring the possibility to open a school overseas in 2008, and with its China partner opened the first school in Tianjin, China is 2011. Wellington College International now has 6 schools in its family of schools, as well as Wellington College and Eagle House Prep School (est.1839) in the UK.

Eagle House is a co-educational, day and boarding school for ages 2 to 13, located in Berkshire very close to Wellington College. The school celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2020. Eagle House’s beautiful grounds and highest quality facilities are a background to an education experience where success, confidence and happiness are paramount. Learning for life is at the heart of its ethos and its academic, co-curricular and community programmes.

Wellington Family of Schools

Wellington College is well known to be an outward-facing school with a strong international perspective. Wellington College International collaborates with selected international partners to open and support premium-quality international schools under the Wellington College name, in order broaden access to a Wellington College education and maximise global education impact through its unique culture, its outstanding achievements and its international engagement. This gifts all Wellingtonians, through its network, opportunities, experiences and connections to develop a true international outlook and deep cultural understanding and respect, to prepare them for the future ‘global’ world.


Wellington College International

WCI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wellington College and has six schools overseas in China and Thailand, and a first school opening in India in 2023. WCI donates all profits from the family of schools to Wellington College to broaden the access to Wellington College, and for wider education impact through its social benefit programmes

Our schools share the values, ethos and enduring quality and ambition of Wellington College

Wellington College International
Singapore Indonesia Malaysia

Our new schools will share the values, ethos, enduring quality and ambition of Wellington College, while combining the very best of British education with regional and pan-Asian education strengths and traditions. Plans are to accommodate up to 2,000 students in each school, offering early years, preparatory and senior school programmes following the English National Curriculum and culminating in the IB Diploma.

To be staffed by an international faculty, the schools will meet rising demand by local families and expatriates, both from the west and the east, who seek quality education for their children without having to send them thousands of miles away from home. The Covid-19 pandemic has also made international travel more challenging for both parents and children.

Wellington College will join a growing list of international schools that have set up in Singapore for K-12 (kindergarten to grade 12) education. Driving demand for international schools, once sought after mainly by expatriates working for MNCs, is Asia burgeoning and affluent middle class. China, in particular, has seen the number of international schools explode from a dozen two decades ago to more than 500.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has also influenced many families’ decisions to have their children attend a school closer to home.

Wellington College S.I.M

Convening heritage with future growth in dynamic key Southeast Asian countries Wellington College International Regional Management (WCIRM) was founded with the aim to provide the best of best British education framed in a uniquely whole-person-whole-world setting in diverse Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

We are pleased to partner with the incomparable Wellington College to develop a next generation of global citizens living in Asia.